"Open days" on 14th and 15th March

"Open days" on 14th and 15th March - Our team is pleased to invite you to the open days weekend on 14th and 15th March from 10am to 6pm. Come and see our showroom and the great offers on all our products.
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Aid & Solidarity: Christmas Together

At Yuletide, CHASSIS 2000 participates in the annual charity event, donating meals and presents to disadvantaged children (orphans, children in hospital). A magic moment for everyone!


Over the Christmas period, "Aide and Solidarité-Noël Ensemble Asbl" organises a meal for one hundred adults and one hundred children and CHASSIS 2000 will, as always, be part of this annual charity event. 

Over the years, more and more families have needed the comfort and joy we give them on this day, bringing a bit of sunshine to the gloom of their daily lives. This is why today, more than ever, we cannot turn a blind eye to these problems. ASBL wants to make all these people feel like "guests" and not as if they are receiving aid, giving them the chance to spend a magical time in a Christmas atmosphere with a very good meal and presents for the Children.  

CHASSIS 2000 is committed to this cause and always supports "Aide et Solidarité-Noël Ensemble Asbl".