We offer a wide range of models and colours to suit every type of home. Inseparable features of your frames, shutters must be convenient, secure and insulating.

  • Burglary protection: they dissuade burglars.
  • Energy saving: in winter they create an insulating air blanket in front of your windows and doors. In summer, they protect your home from overheating by eliminating the greenhouse effect.
  • Excellent phonic insulation: they provide perfect noise-proofing.
  • Visual protection: they afford privacy by stopping people seeing in.

The shutter board is protected by a case placed inside (Monoblock) or outside (Mini-cases) your home. Shutters can be operated by a strap, an automatic shaft or using an electric motor with switch or remote control. All shutters can be adapted to the frame colour.

Component mini cases
Monobloc shutters
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